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Ibrahim Mohamad

Diversity - Integration- Change



Ibrahim talks about how organizations and societies can embrace and take advantage of diversity and inclusion. Diversity is a strength - but it can also be a weakness if we don´t know how to handle the challenges. Ibrahim discusses and sheds light on the following: 

  • What shapes our worldview, and how lack of trust and disengagement impact how we treat people,  how we perform, and the bottom line
  • Important steps towards creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces 
  • How to change people's attitudes and how organizations have the power to influence  people and shape the societal development 
  • Reasons why people and teams in diverse workplaces  don´t reach their full potential, and what it takes to make diverse teams perform miracles 
  • How to handle challenges and conflicts in diverse environments 
  • Millennials´ - and future leaders´- expectations regarding diversity and leadership, and how organizations can become more attractive to both future leaders and customers

Ibrahim uses his experience, background and relevant research to inform, entertain and inspire the listeners. He combines research and statistics to discuss how we can create strong, viable and prosperous societies and organizations, where all actors understand that diversity and inclusion are strengths that - if addressed and handled with care- can help foster and develop creative, innovative and prosperous individuals and organizations.

  • 45 - 120 minutes speech or workshop
  • Theme: diversity 
  • Languge: english or swedish


Ibrahim talks about how we can create effective immigrant integration and how we can fight isolation and ineffective integration practices.  Ibrahim uses research and his own background and experience to discuss and shed light on:  


  • His experience of war, oppression and isolation, and how he managed to find a way to success and effective integration 
  • Obstacles and challenges to effective integration 
  • How to create effective and viable integration 

  • How feelings of alienation and exclusion  shape human beings and how those attitudes impact  organizations and societies
  • The difference between individualistic and collectivistic cultures, and how that plays an important role in the integration process 
  • Honour-based violence, its mechanisms and how we can fight the oppression 

You are free to include or exclude any of the points above, and you are also welcome to add more points relevant to the topic if you wish.  

  • 45 - 120 minutes long
  • Theme: integration
  • Language: english or swedish


Ibrahim talks about honour-based violence.  Ibrahim uses research and his own background and experience to discuss:  


  • Why people use violence and oppression in the name of honour 
  • The difference between reputation and honour
  • The mechanisms behind the violence
  • The most important driving force behind the structural oppression
  • The difference between domestic violence and honour-based violence
  • How governmental agencies and institutions can cooperate in order to prevent and fight the oppression
  • Why many women return to their oppressive  families and to unhealthy relationships 
  • Common warning signals of someone being subjected to honour violence 
  • How schools can identify the oppression and help young victims
  • How the receiving countries can work to successfully integrate immigrants from  cultures where honour plays an important role


  • 45 - 180 minutes long
  • Theme: honor and violence
  • Lanuage: english or swedish 



Diversity - Integration - Change  

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